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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  April 17, 2017 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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>> yes. ♪ guardian ♪ guardian ♪ guardian ♪ in all you do >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, the cast of "guardians of the galaxy volume 2," chris pratt, zoe saldana, dave bautista, michael rooker and kurt russell. plus music from bleachers. >> dicky: and now, just relax, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ jimmy kimmel live [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: thank you. hi, everyone. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i'm very glad you are here. i'm glad you are here. glad you are enthusiastic. we have a star-studded show. cast of "guardian of the galaxy volume 2" and a clip from the movie which they will share with us for free. [ cheers and applause ] tonight's show, weird if they made you pay for just a piece of the movie for the clip. but they will not. tonight's show will be just like a marvel movie, jokes, action, at the end you will sit there thinking there's more, right, there's got to be something else? i sought movie, we got an advanced screening, our staff did. great, i like it better. everyone loved it. if you are going to see one movie in which bradley cooper plays a raccoon this year, this would be it. this would be
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[ cheers and applause ] all of that to look forward to. for those of you celebrating this weekend, hope you had a happy easter. we had a picnic, family picnic. the whole family gathered at the park like pigeons really. we had an easter egg hunt, and i will tell you it's funny. you can never get kids to pick up their toys, you can sing tthe ♪ clean-up, clean-up song frighten them with time-out. hand a bucket and plastic eggs on the lawn. all of a sudden they're like a roadside prison clean-up crew. and they go right to work. i need to figure out how to apply that to my daily life. as a parent, you know, an easter egg hunt is an interesting thing to watch. especially when you have a 2-year-old kid like i do. you don't want your daughter or son to be so timid they don't get anything. they don't get any eggs. but you all don't want her to be one of those monster bully children, knocking others, like the starting pistol for the "hunger games" you know those kids? for three jelly beans in a plastic
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proud to say i think my daughter found the exact amount of eggs jesus would approve of. six. the number is six. [ applause ] so, hey here is -- here its how president trump spent easter morning. his first tweet at 8:18 a.m. said "why would i call china a currency manipulator when they're working with us on the north korean problem. we will see what happens." then six minutes later. someone reminded him what day it was. because he followed it up with "happy easter to everyone." ha-ha. [ applause ] so president trump spent the weekend in florida, again, golf outing number 19 since taking office. made it become to the white house this morning for annual easter egg roll. and for a game of pin the tiny hand on the easter bunny's vagina which went very well. too soon? too soon? too much? too something? yeah. this is an annual tradition that, that it i
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this year the event attracted around 21,000 attendees, half of what the obama events drew oz are a white house spokesman put it, about what twice the obama events drew. vice president pence was not in attendance. you know mike pence will not allow himself to be in the presence of a bunny if his wife isn't with him. so he went to south korea instead. usually the egg roll has a lot of big name entertainment, justin bieber one year, arianna grande, didn't get either, they did get something better, group reading time with attorney general jeff sessions. >> the bears went to sleep for the winter. they slept the whole winter. the president's coming. well, let's see. let's see if he comes out on the program up here. there he is.
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♪ ♪ >> wow, that's, wait a minute. you know what i think we might have gotten our clips mixed up. here's president trump today. this is how, this is how donald trump got his first ever easter egg roll started. >> i want to thank everybody. this is the 139th easter egg roll. think of it. 139. it began a long time ago, 1878. and we will be stronger and bigger and better as a nation than ever before. we are right on track. you see what's happening. and we are right on track. >> jimmy: he really knows how to talk to children, doesn't he? that's -- well, so the president -- thanked his wife melania also
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accordi accordingly, she'll move into the white house, relocate with her 11-year-old son baron once school end. which is a big deal. baron trump will be the first male child to live in the white house since his father moved there in january. that's true. the first lady -- you know the first lady is like the official host of the white house egg roll. which means the families gathered, were treated to a rare moment of her public speaking. >> thank you. welcome to the white house. this is the first time that my husband and i are hosting this wonderful tradition. and it's great that you are all with us today. i hope you have a great time with many activities. i want to thank military band, all the staff, and volunteers who work tirelessly to
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that you have memorable experience. >> jimmy: wait a minute. are we allowed to make fun of the accent or not 1234 i forget the rules are? the reason i showed this. i want to point out her speech sounded a little bfamiliar. sounded like another speech. >> thank you, welcome to the white house. this is the first time my husband and i are hosting this wonderful tra dichlg fuful trad. it is great you are all with tuesday. i hope you have a great time with many activities. i want to thank military band, all of the staff and volunteer whose work tirelessly to ensure that you have memorable experience. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: not only did melania give a speech she read a book to the kids, a book about a dog and an owl. >> i can't ask dog, all he does is growl. i know what i
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i will ask the wise owl. who? >> jimmy: i don't know. wise owl. maybe you should let the kids read to them selves instead. all of the characters from trumpville were out on the lawn including white house press secretary, sean spicer, who turns out to be quite a lively reader himself. >> okay. >> how to catch the easter bunny. do you know how? can you help me with this? how old are you? >> 5. >> i'll give you a little break. i have been working long and hard with all my peeps and crew. we've made the eggs and now i'm hear to bring them to you. >> jimmy: i bet he is a fun dad. i like to see them replace him with that kid. the president also took time today to help some of the children make easter cards. they set up a craft
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kids can make cards for the troops. look what he wrote -- i hate eggs, children and being president. hey, he tells it like it is. when i was, when i was most excited about egg roll today was a music performance by a boy band, named bro 4. bro 4, in case you don't know. four brothers from new jersey who kick ass, guillermo, are you into bro 4? >> guillermo: don't know who they are. >> jimmy: they gave a performance at the white house today that will soon not be forgotten. ♪ say yeah ♪ i want you girl ♪ >> all right, guys. we are, just so you know, we are four brothers, all real brothers. same mom, same dad. and, we just, we just want to talk about something real quick. we want to say thank you to everybody that has helped us get here.
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>> jimmy: you know what? oh, when they tried to crowd surf, it was a disaster, really. all right, we will take a break. when we come back, don't know if you heard. senior citizens are having more sex than ever before. and, we have to be very careful about that. stick around. i will explain why. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ unlimited data on t-mobile, now that's a treat. why did verizon take so long to offer it? is it because their lte network was built six years ago? six years ago? that's like a hundred in phone years. t-mobile built newer, faster, more advanced lte to handle unlimited data. switch to t-mobile, now covering 314 million americans and growing. and right now, get 2 lines of unlimited data for a hundred bucks, all in! taxes and fees included.
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♪ ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. music from bleachers on
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way. sad news, the world's oldest person passed away. again. it keeps happening. the oldest person was a woman by name of emma morano, 117, lived in northern italy in verbania, the problem, see the problem with being the world's oldest person, not really a title you are going to hold on to for that long. but, there is some good news for older people. according to the national sex study, senior citizens are having a lot more sex. which is good, i think. i don't know. is it good. it's good. you know what it? is good unless the senior citizens are your grandparents. then it is weird. interesting though. because, not always the case. so in the interest of science, we went to l.a. farmers market here at the grove, we asked seniors who gathered there. there are a lot of seniors that spend the day there to share their secrets to success when it comes to doing a little something called it. we are talking to people about a study that came out saying
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now more than ever. what's your secret? >> who said that? >> everyone said it. >> not me. not me. good luck to them. and more power to them. >> i am going to be 80 this year. i have a boyfriend who just turned 83. and i have to say our sex life is great. >> what's your big move? >> what do you mean big move, i'm not telling any secrets. >> seniors are having more sex than they ever had. what's your secret? >> a little vodka couldn't hurt. >> my secret? well you are not going to get pregnant. >> if you do get pregnant are you worried you are going to have a 30-year-old? >> ha-ha. >> what's the best way to get somebody into bed? >> what's the best way? you ask too much. ha-ha-ha. i can't answer.
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ha-ha-ha. >> it's a secret. >> yes. not for me anymore. i did my job, believe me. >> well, i'm not bragging or boasting, but when i was on, on the bottom -- let's see, when i was on the bottom, i was a superman. when i was on top, no when i was on top a minute man. on top i was -- i'm getting mixed up. with me on top -- i was minuteman. with me on top i was superman. when i was on the bottom, i was superman. minuteman. on top -- minute man. well when i was on the
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was superman. on top minuteman. that was the truth. >> what advice would you give to seniors who aren't having sex? >> you have to, you have to use it and if you don't use it, you are going to lose it. >> you're using it? >> darn rights i am. i just did it today. >> you just did it today? >> yes. >> who was the lucky lady? >> my wife. >> god bless you. >> yeah. >> what are some turn ons? >> my turn on? a smile. >> i like affection. kissing on the neck. holding hands. >> i don't have many turn offs. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> i don't like rough. some people do. it's okay for them. but i, i like a gentle,
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loving even if they don't love me they should be loving. >> some romance, not just a one way ticket to pound town? >> yeah, i would say so. yeah. but i mean, pound town is better than nothing. >> jimmy: the chamber of commerce. we have a fun show tonight. music from bleachers and we'll be right back with "the guardians of the galaxy." >> dicky: portions of jimmy kimmel live are brought to you by chegg, a smarter way to student --
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>> you're a fan of the comic book series? >> i saw the movie eight times in the theater. >> nerd must go crazy when they get ahold of you two, right?
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. >> jimmy: tonight, their new album comes out june 2nd, it's called "gone now," but you can pre-order it now. bleachers from the mercedes-benz stage. [ cheers and applause ] yes. and the band. >> jimmy: tomorrow, katherine heigl and rob delaney will be here and we'll have music from dreamcar and later this week, julia louis-dreyfus, magic johnson, kevin nealon, gabourey sidibe and music from yo gotti and dua lipa. >> jimmy: our guests tonight make up the heroes, villains, humans and blue and green beings who populate "guardians of the
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opens in theaters may 5th. and here to tell you all about it, please welcome chris pratt, zoe saldana, dave bautista, michael rooker and kurt russell. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ welcome. welcome. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: kind of funny. because -- you, you guys were here last, for the first movie. i think, at that time, the only two people who knew about the guardians of the galaxy were the two girls in the front of the audience right here. it was them.
12:01 am
now, the most popular thing ever. >> it's really, yeah. yeah. >> they started it. yeah, yeah, i remember, overwhelmingly from people in the press, when weep were promoting the first movie. like the question that they always asked was -- so, you know, no one knows who the guardians of the galaxy are. doesn't that freak you out? like -- you might be in marvel's first big flop is that okay with you? >> jimmy: oh no. >> pretty nervous. >> jimmy: now you see people dressed up as you. is it weird to see people dressed up like you? >> see people dressed up as peter quill. weird to see people dressed up like me. >> oh, dude. i was at a convention. i saw a guy dressed up just like you. >> that would freak me out. freak me out. >> it was me. >> some one dressed up. if you saw some one in there, i'm dressed up as curt russell. you're like, are you -- >> i like that. >> no,
12:02 am
>> that would freak you out. >> jimmy: that would freak you out. >> and, as michael rooker, yeah, you would get arrested. >> it would be very strange. you went from blue body paint avatar, green body paint. when somebody dresses as your character. that's a real commitment. has to make an impact of some kind, fear, i don't know. >> it's crazy, we did make progress from guardians one to guardians two, we managed to shave off an hour on the whole makeup process. instead of five hours it was four. i really appreciated it. >> how did you -- did you cut corners, parts of your body you leave unpainted? >> i tried. i always try. i was like guys, they won't see this. paint this. you don't really see this. we got to paint it. i had green, for like a month after we stopped shooting. i'm like sitting and vacationing, what is -- ah. >> they forced me to paint, the entire, i mean. you don
12:03 am
everything. >> jimmy: you went method, michael. you went all the way, huh? >> well, yeah. my makeup team, guy and a girl, and they just sort, i thought they, they kind of got -- >> based on the action figure. would have been okay just to do your hand and your head. >> jimmy: you went for the blue balls too. thank you, thank you. [ applause ] curt, you are the new, did you know before you got involved in this that you wouldn't have to be painted? did you kid that possibility? >> i, you know, i didn't know about it. i didn't, when i got involved with it i hadn't seen it. so i, needed to see it. when i saw it, then i began to wonder what am i going to have to do here? but, i can tell you, boy, these two here, well you too, i guess, i don't know, we show up half an hour before we get. hey, guys how it is going. they have b
12:04 am
>> jimmy: does that make you resentful, dave? >> i think dave has the most. >> i didn't have it that bad. hour and a half. chris, i think takes longer than i do. >> well, the, the side burns and the mustache, the combo, it's really intricate. very specific about it. also, i have to 45 minute lymph drainage massage. >> jimmy: whatever you are doing really working. you have beautiful skin. >> this took six hours. i don't just do, my whole body. i did my whole body before i came out. takes a long time. >> jimmy: that's not a three day shadow. >> i wash this off. it is hideous. >> he was doing his makeup on the way here in the car. >> that's right. >> is it true that you had the idea to cast curt as star lord's dad in the movie? is that -- >> is was look one of those things where, they said, i was like, well, i mean obviously, let's shoot for the stars, let's get curt
12:05 am
since he probably wouldn't diet, who could we actually get? and then -- >> we got kurt russell. >> you're not going to believe who we got? kurt russell. what? you're crazy. a >> jimmy: i can see you hitting it off. >> it is rough. when i read the script. i am in it for 15 minutes and then i die. oh, i shouldn't have said that. >> spoiler. spoiler. >> jimmy: i know you have been doing interviews, have you ruined anything. i don't know what i can say. i know there are reveals and there are secrets. and, like, like for instance, can i say sylvester stallone is in the movie is that okay say? >> sly is in the movie? >> i think that's safe to say. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] >> yeah, is that all right? >> it is now. it is now. >> jimmy: we will take a break. when we come back, many, many more questions. the fa
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we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> too big to be pierced from the outside. we must cut through it from the inside. >> no, no, wait a minute! [ growling ] >> what is it doing? >> he said it is too big to be pierced from the outside. >> that doesn't make sense. >> skin is same thickness from the inside as from the outside. >> i realize that. >> ah-ah-ah! >> it has a cut on its neck. get it to look up. [ gunfire ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: there you go. guardians of the galaxy volume 2. that's goo
12:13 am
>> when you see that -- imagine like, your kids, those who have little kids must go nuts knowing their parents are part of this. huh? >> yeah, i, yeah, i can say -- jack is now 4 years owed. and, and he is just now starting to get it. like he came, that was my favorite memory from this movie. my little guy got to come to set. and, and, our director james, his nephew will was there, and they're around the same age. we got to tour them around the guardian space ship. and he, like, you saw it in hissihis eyes. i saw it on tv or movie. i guess my dad does really fly a space ship for work. >> oh, dude, that was a beautiful day. that was like, it was abslultly adorable. you know, you look at their eyes and they're like wow. >> that's right. it's true. my kids think i'm related to the hulk. so i am using it. and, i am getting them to eat their
12:14 am
and, i even go, as far as, like i go behind this wall i'm going to go call the hulk because you are not eating your veggies. he is going to come and take your toys. i behind the wall. they're like, no hulk, no come, hulk. eat your veggies. >> jimmy: wow, that's great. not many parents have that as a real threat. speaking of the hulk, how many of you. raise your hand if you are not in the infinity war movies? >> were's not allowed to speak or even raise our hand, are we? >> what is infinity -- >> i'm with you. don't know what that is. >> jimmy: infinity war brings together many characters from the marvel universe. have you started shooting that yet? >> wow. is there -- i don't know this? >> we are shooting a scene right now. this is going to be in it. >> jimmy: wow.
12:15 am
you, you were just in japan, right? >> yeah, yeah, that's right. >> jimmy: in japan, dave, when you are in japan, do people know you from this movie? they know you from wrestling? or this giant bald person among them. >> mostly bald person. >> you were in japan? >> tokyo. >> you were in japan too? >> jimmy: sorry, they sent everyone to japan. except you. >> i noticed i wasn't in this trailer. >> jimmy: you have been cut out of the movie. >> what, what? wait a minute. >> you know how you can really give it to them. tell what's happens in infinity war. [ cheers and applause ] >> nada, nada, nada. >> jimmy: there is going to be a volume 3 of guardians of the galaxy. can i say that? >> think i have seen it
12:16 am
if not is now, james gunn its writing and directing. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you did a great job. with this. the music is great in the movie. and you guys now, well now you do a couple movies. doing a third movie. sure at the beginning. you are excited to be with each other. maybe by the second movie, you, you got used to each other. by the third movie you will probably hate each other. those of you -- in the third movie. but before we get to that stage of your relationship, i want to find out how well you know each other. when we come back, we will play a game. prizes s involved for you and audience as well. when we come back, guardian against guardian. find out how well they really know each other. we are going to be right back. stick around. guardians of the galaxy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for you. like, imagine having your vehicle serviced... from the comfort of your own home.
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